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About Living Better

Who is involved in the Living Better network?

Living Better is coordinated by the West Somerset Primary Care Network (PCN) – these are the local doctor’s surgeries and other NHS medical establishments that serve West Somerset residents, and also includes other support services that a Doctor or Nurse may refer you too. Click here for the full list of the network members involved.

What is Living Better all about?

Living Better is a website pulling information together for West Somerset residents to:

  • Act as a triage point to help point you in the right direction for your health and well-being concerns.
  • Speed up the referral process to get you the right support efficiently and quickly.
  • Reduce pressure on Doctor’s surgeries by offering alternative community-led solutions where appropriate.
  • Help you take charge of becoming and staying healthy and feeling well by giving you the tools to find the services you need.
  • Connect you with local organisations and services that can offer you tailored support with the Living Better Services Directory.

How do you access the network?

1. Contact the Living Better Administrator

CLICK HERE to email the Administrator  somccg.living.better@nhs.net


2. Search our useful directory – just select from the category drop down list to find the specific, local support you need

CLICK HERE to search our Living Better Directory


3. Have a question? Not sure where to start? Complete the online form and a Living Better co-ordinator will call you back

CLICK HERE to complete the form


4. Your GP may refer you to the Living Better network


You can browse our directory by selecting a category from the dropdown box below.

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